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Leading Individuals Fight to Overcome Fear and Failure (LIFT-OFF)




LIFT-OFF is an outreach initiative of Children & Charity International launched in 2013 to address the epidemic lack of "people" skills in the workplace among youth. It is a comprehensive apprenticeship, job training and mentoring program that provides the soft skills needed for success no matter what kind of job the seeker finds. As a mentoring team, the goal of LIFT-OFF is to provide training and apprenticeship that teaches the fundamentals of gaining and maintaining employment. The youth is able to develop a stronger marketable self, be empowered with people skills and able to overcome fear and failure and succeed in the workplace. We achieve our goal by teaching techniques to build self-esteem, strong interviewing skills, reliable and professional workplace behavior and instilling a determination to succeed. In addition, we give students a review of needed life skills by providing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), sewing, cosmetology and culinary enrichment.

LIFT-OFF utilizes the JA Curricula with proven Life Skills training by professionals, local businesses and charitable organizations aimed at eliminating the fear of success and accomplishment and empowering the individual; while building a well-trained community of learners, able to get and keep jobs. LIFT-OFF provides participants with a safe environment to work, and enjoy an integrated learning experience of career and job skills, field trips, team projects and fun. With a unique blend of real-life experiences and formal instruction, we continue to help students across the greater Washington DC area to aspire, experience, and succeed.

Prior to participating in the Workforce Development Skills Training Programs, participants are introduced to fundamental youth development principles that allow the youth to experience approaches that minimize risk factors and maximize intended outcomes.


Work Readiness Program:
The work readiness curriculum will help youth in the core areas of:

  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Marketing and Networking
  • Career Planning and Professional Interest Assessment
  • Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Life and Obstacles
  • Successful Budgeting and Money Management
  • Interviewing Skills

Upon successful completion of the work readiness training which includes activities utilizing collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity, students become proficient in timeliness; reliability; accountability; respect for supervisors, co-workers and customers; ability to manage emotions on the job; ability to accept supervision and feedback; know about appropriate attire for the workplace; resume writing, interviewing and job searching techniques. Participants can test for the Work Readiness Program Certification. This credential is one tool that validates to an employer that the youth is ready to work.


Workforce Development Skills Training Program


The LIFT-OFF initiative has partnered with Higher Learning Institutions, local government and businesses to offer youth occupational skills training that provides specific vocational skills that lead to proficiency in performing actual tasks and technical functions required by certain occupational fields at entry, intermediate, or advanced levels. These include:

    • Computer Technology Certification
    • IT Software Certification
    • Work Readiness Certification
    • Internships and Apprenticeships
    • Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification
    • Certified Nursing Assistant
    • Driver’s Education Program
    • Design and Tailoring Certification
    • Cosmetology